Britney Spears Gets CHEEKY In Amazing New Bikini Candids

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earl-jonas - June 7, 2018


Those who seek out the finer things in life may remember that yesterday Britney Spears was caught taking care of a sexy wedgie while Jet Skiing in Miami, and while those pics alone belong in a museum, these follow up ones are, believe it or not, even better. It turns out that Spears' itsy bitsy teenie weenie teal Walmart leopard print bikini spent most of the day where the sun don't shine. While lounging on her stomach poolside on vaca, Spears flaunted a whole lot of cheek and not a heck of a lot of clothing. In fact, from some angles, it doesn't even look like she's wearing a thong bikini. Not to overstep my boundary, but maybe, next time just cut out the middleman and don't wear anything Brit? Just thinking off the top of my head. Hit the link below to see the exclusive new pics.

Head HERE to see a very cheeky Britney Spears

Photo Credit: Instagram, Backgrid