British Model Jourdan Dunn Is Pimping Smartwater

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elliot-wolf - April 19, 2018

Jordan Dunn is some kind of marketing genius.  She knows that if I had happened to wander astray and get myself lost in the dessert the two necessities that I would need would be her and some water. A woman like her is just as essential for my daily survival as cold bottle of H2O. I may not be lost in a place like Death Valley but it sure feels like it now that I know I haven’t made the acquaintance of this young lady. I’d like her to personally deliver several shipments of Smart Water until she agrees to going out on a date with me. I refuse to drink anything else until she says yes.

Honestly I would join Jordan wherever she was. Whether it was the beach, fashion show, or dance club, I consider my adaptability to any situation I’m faced with to be superior. I know how to make small conversation during a movie without being disruptive or distracting. And that’s impressive. I’d learn everything I need to know about her before the end credits roll. So the longer that she’s living life without letting me take her out to show her a good time is her loss. And I just want to see her win.

Photo  Credit: Splash News / Instagram