Bring the Party to You: Follow Me, Bring Beer Flip Flops

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bill-swift - September 4, 2013

Let the party come to you with the help of these 'Follow Me, Bring Beer' flip flops. Not everyone who spots your footprint invitations will come a-running with booze, but I'm willing to bet those who do are most likely the more adventurous, funner, and impulsive types--the kind of crowd that you're looking for.

They're best worn at the beach for obvious reasons. I mean, you can use them anywhere, really, but you'd have to coat them with paint or something first before stepping out on concrete. Just imagine what a huge mess that would be.

Whereas at the beach, you've got sand for ink and you could spend a couple of minutes traipsing around and creating footprints to get people to follow you to your party.

The flip flops are made to order and each pair is made from 4 layers of comfortable EVA foam.

Check It Out: $24.95

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