Bring Out the Bling: MB&F HM5 Watch is a Revolutionary Timepiece

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bill-swift - December 17, 2012

It's not often that you come across a watch with a design so far out that you can call it 'revolutionary.' That's because it's not often that a watch like MB&F's HM5 hits the market. It pays tribute to the Digitrend timepiece of the seventies by plucky watch brand Amida. Their innovative futuristic tapered case watches weren't a huge hit with the old folks and Amida eventually went belly up.

It looks like their vision was ahead of their time, because the HM5 totally looks like a watch that many guys would rock these days.

The HM5 'On the Road Again' watch pays homage to Amida's Digitrend watch while fusing design elements from the low-slung supercars that raced across the streets from that era. The watch features a vertical display powered by mechanical movement and a distinct louvered wedge-shaped case.

Bling It: $60,000

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