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Lex Jurgen - March 10, 2017

You take after your mother is something you say to a girl by way of compliment. If your mother is Kim Zolciak, it's a moral indictment. 

Brielle Biermann's job is to post pictures of her tits on social media and sort the trolls from the masturbators. She informs both that she's never had plastic surgery and everybody LOLs. Biermann posted a photo of her fake jumbos on Snapchat, the home of $24 billion worth of tits. She captioned it cutely, "when u steal ur moms clothes". Nobody cared. Nobody's picturing Brielle Biermann being mischievous on an episode of Blossom. Some jocular fellow scrubbed the text and replaced with "still wanna fuck me in this Daddy?" Lightning in a bottle. The photo took off around the web.

Zolciak leapt to her daughters defense. Similar to how she leapt to raise her as an on-camera attention whore, but half the insistence. Zolciak cried fake news and assured everybody this is not how her daughter speaks. Certainly not for free. She jotted down the more cunning quip for future posts. Wonder if this captioner works freelance.

There's two possible reactions to finding cum on your shoulder. Taking a selfie is not the one women chose for the first ten thousand years. Trophies have changed a lot.

Photo credit: Snapchat

Photo Credit: Instagram/Brielle Biermann

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