Brielle Biermann Eighteen Big and Chesty Show

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bill-swift - July 2, 2015

Kim Zolciak has something like twenty seven children now. She births them by the threes, so you do the math, I can't. It's all part of her plan to keep self-publishing photos of how amazing she looks before, during, and after pregnancy. Also possibly some child support scheme. Either way, her most important production to date is Brielle Biermann, her eldest. Brielle just turned eighteen and maybe sort of graduated high school and can't stop posting photos of her big ole honking hooters to Instagram.

In fact, many online commenters have accused her of having implants to enhance her chesty size, which has caused Brielle to post even more photos of her barely legal racktastic to counter. Because we live in a truly wonderful world in 2015 where things like this happen and nobody like me even had to write beseeching pleading begging letters. It just happens on its own now. This is how the 19th century dreamers imagined Utopia. Only they had no concept of social media. Though probably some idea of funbags like Brielle Biermann has. Hence, the reason for dreaming. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram