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aldo-vallon - October 5, 2017

 It will always amaze me how quickly a person can seamlessly transition into another era by wearing the right clothes and hairdo. If I did not know any better I could have easily mistaken her for a starlet during Hollywood's golden age. Although I would be suspicious of her jugs, the women were rarely that busty during that time. And their bras always had that strange cone shape to them, I am not sure what they had against globes back then but I am glad the trend passed.

I love seeing photo shoots or movies that take on a different period. On the flip side, I am always put off when I see someone trying to take on an old style in the real world. Rockabilly is cool and all, but is it not a pain in the butt to keep your hair greased all the time? Or take these modern vikings we have walking around. When I see a movie about primitive warriors with long hair in weird styles I think it looks badass, mainly because they are busy taking names. But when I see a guy with a ponytail wearing flip flops I get the urge to scalp him. 


Photo Credit: Porter Magazine