Brie Larson Boobtastic Hottie on Skull Island Red Carpet

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bill-swift - March 1, 2017

Not that there needed to be yet another King Kong remake, but so long as you are, Brie Larson was an inspired choice for blonde damsel in distress. Or in the case of her cleavetastic gown for the London premiere of Skull Island, causing us gentleman oglers much distress in the Kong region.

Of course, the role of love interest to the big ape has a long lineage of fair haired hotties behind it. And Brie Larson was perhaps seen as too serious of an actress to be considered largely for her sextastic appeal, of which she has tons. But I think this is perfect casting. I want to see Brie Larson everywhere, especially if that everywhere is in sheer clothing beneath waterfalls on Skull Island. Oh, please, let it be. C'mon Hollywood. This whole puritanical groove is boring. Give us the funbags! Brie, I can't wait. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet