Brick-by-Brick Awesomeness: Jurassic Park LEGO Set

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bill-swift - September 6, 2013

LEGO comes up with hundreds of sets each year, but it's crazy how a Jurassic Park set doesn't exist yet. I mean, it is one of the biggest dinosaur franchises of all time and I would think it deserves its own LEGO set to kids and kids-at-heart can recreate the action and central characters, brick by brick. And when we say 'characters', we do mean the dinosaurs.

That might soon change though, if user senteosan's Jurassic Park submission gets enough votes on LEGO's Cuusoo site. His set features the park gate, the SUV you'd recognize at first glance, and of course, T-Rex.Cuusoo was set up by LEGO to let fans send in designs that others can vote on so that they might one day be released as actual products. Once a design gets 10,000 supporters, LEGO will then take that particular design into consideration.

The Jurassic Park design currently has about 6,300 votes. It needs a couple thousand more to get to the next step, so make your vote count by heading over to its Cuusoo page.

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