Bria Murphy Golden Child Bikini Beach Volleyball Hottie

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bill-swift - April 3, 2014

Bria Murphy has been pushing hard to get into the world of modeling of late, including some hot self-ordered lingerie pictures with her sister, both daughters of Eddie Murphy and his former wife intimating they would like to be part of the silk and glamor set. Bria took the opportunity to show off her lean long bikini body while on vacation in Hawaii. A little gold number to attract a certain amount of attention as she bumped, set, and spiked her way into our lust-filled hearts.

Does Bria have the goods to model for Victoria's Secret as is her dream (and kind of ours, too)? That remains to be seen. In the meanwhile, I'll continue my inspection of her female form and provide a report to V.S. accordingly. My reports are always in color with lots of photo evidence. Enjoy.