Brazilian Singer Anitta’s Little Wardrobe Malfunction

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aldo-vallon - December 1, 2017

 Anitta, I need ya. I sure hope that odd looking belt around her waist is not one of those much dreaded chastity belts that I have been hearing so much about because if it is, then I am in for a world of heartbreak. All this time I thought the chastity belt was only a thing of legend, now I have this thing in front of me that I am desperate to explain.

If it is not a chastity belt then the only other explanation is that she wants to be the heroine of her own anime series, and that is not exactly a comforting thought. Sure, the anime chicks tend to be freaks, but as age hits me I find it difficult to rationalize the risk involved with that decision. Every diagnosis of freak tends to bring with it its own side order of crazy. Of course that seems appealing to a man who has never been on the losing end of crazy, but just wait until that day comes. Wait until you see your beloved car trashed by a fury no mere human should be capable of. Then maybe you will understand.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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