Brazilian Playmate Ana Braga Asks Santa To Forgive Her Naughtiness

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earl-jonas - December 19, 2017

International modeling sensation Ana Braga has a lot to braga-bout in the bodylicious department - from her maj melons all the way down to her thighlicious gams. But for some reason in these new candid pictures, Ana feels the need to apologize to Santa for doing something naughty by wearing a shirt with the quote "Dear Santa I Can Explain." Explain what? That you have the face of an angel and a body that doubles as a gift to people everywhere three-hundred-and-sixty-five days a year? That you have an amazing and hilarious personality only rivaled by the size of your heart? If anything, I think Braga needs to apologize to Mrs. Claus, because if Mr. Claus is like most of the men out there, he's unloaded his sac while checking out Ana Braga. Happy birthday Jesus?


Photo Credit: Splash News

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