Bruna Marquezine And Brazilian Babes At The Vogue Carnival

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elliot-wolf - February 2, 2018

Holy moly are about the only two words I can remember to say after seeing so many beautiful women in one location. The last carnival I went to looked nothing like what I’m seeing in front of me. Of course I had fun and funnel cake when I went but it was more of a local fair than the absolutely extravagant event in Brazil. The closest thing I’d see to a woman wearing a gnarly outfit was maybe the neighbor’s daughter in a Pink Floyd shirt she turned into a crop top.

Now that I’m aware of what’s going on over there I will need not one, but two seats on the first thing smoking to Sao Paolo. The first seat will be for yours truly of course but the second will be specifically reserved for all of the newly found love I have found for Bruna Marquezine and her Brazilian buddies. I’ll be emitting such strong positivity that it would be impossible for anyone to sit directly next to me on the plane. Holy moly I don’t know why I haven’t been to Brazil before. I hope I’m able to get Bruna’s attention when I get there. We can both dress up like animals and have a wild time. 


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA