Brazil Just Picked The Best Ass In Miss Bumbum 2017

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earl-jonas - November 8, 2017

After seemingly months of buildup... in our pants... Brazil has finally announced the winner of Miss Bumbum 2017, and the lucky lady in possession of the best ass in Brazil - and by extension the best ass in the world - is Rosie Oliveira! The enchantress beat out the best of buns for the crown, and thanks to these pics, we can see her winning asset in all its glory. But please be respectful. This is a scholarship competition. Not really.

And what can Rosie Oliveira expect now that she's under the lusting eye of men everywhere? Certainly she'll experience an influx of Instagram followers, and certainly she'll be able to make money Insta shilling protein supplement chewables for decades to come. But most importantly, she'll travel the globe spreading the important and timeless message that people with flat butts are sad and gross. Fly Oliveira, fly and spread the good word.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA