Braless Shauna Sexton All Smiles Spotted Out In LA

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brian-mcgee - September 7, 2018

These days, Shauna Sexton isn't only Affleckless, she's also braless! The brunette bombshell seemed to be ecstatic about her lack of support, because the sun was shining and there was a smile on her face. She seems like she couldn't give less of a care that her boyfriend was recently driven to rehab by his not-yet-ex wife.

You've got to give her credit, though. A few months ago, no one really knew who Shauna Sexton was, and now she's got photographers following her around and catching her in moments where she's not wearing a bra. Don't get me wrong, they're doing the lord's work, I just wonder how she's dealing with all of this. That's all.

My concern is ultimately all stacked in favor of Shauna right now. She's got it hard going from relative obscurity to being the center of attention, all because she tugged on Ben Affleck's little buddy. And no, I'm not talking about Matt Damon. I'm talking about his best pal, the one that always gets him in trouble. No, not his brother Casey. It's his dick. I'm talking about his dick.

Anyway, Shauna Sexton, how about it?

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Photo Credit: MEGA