Maitland Ward Still Working

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Lex Jurgen - March 23, 2017


Actresses commonly complain about aging out of roles before they even get started. Forty is the death knell for the career. While other women see forty as an opportunity to slap on something see-through and show off their plus sized tits. It's hard to say which group is more socially relevant. You certainly know which group you'd prefer to have at your Super Bowl party.

Maitland Ward had a decent second tier cast run on Boy Meets World and a few soap opera type shows. Not every minor leaguer rolls up to the bigs. Though each was the single most talented player in their high school. Sometimes big boobs and a winning smile doesn't get you where you want to be. You can March on Washington or hit up comic conventions in female superhero costumes with no underpants on.

There's no shame in doing what needs to get done to pay the rent. Only in bitching about it. I'm looking at you, Rose McGowan. STDA (same tits, different attitude). Tell me this won't catch on with the kids.

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