Bored With Science? It’s Time to Play with Fire (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 25, 2012

Science. It's the subject that everyone loves to hate. It's hard (or maybe you're just not paying enough attention), it's boring (especially if you got the 101-year old teacher), and it's complicated (it really is.)

But if you know where to look, it can actually be fun. Remember the teacher who made it rain ping pong balls in a room by using liquid nitrogen? Yeah, that was pretty amazing. This time around, we don't have a teacher, though. Instead, we've got a madman. A madman with a passion for science who's crazy enough to make fireballs out of cornstarch--all in the name of science.

Cornstarch fireballs? Is that even possible? Check out the video to see for yourself.

Oh, and remember: do not try this at home. Ever.

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