Halo’s Warthog and the Top 7 Greatest Vehicles in Gaming

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bill-swift - July 31, 2012

Good morning, one and all! It's Monday again and that means it's time for another 'Top 7' list. Last week was our second (and last for now) weapon related list so it's time, once again, to  move on in a new direction. This week, we shake and bake baby!

A large aspect of gaming is the ability to pilot various vehicles. Sure, walking around and shooting things is fine and dandy but imagine what a game like Grand Theft Auto would be like without vehicles. You'd have to just call it 'Grand Theft'...and that's stupid. Oh, and forget completely about the whole racing genre while you're at it.

Regardless of the game nowadays, there's always some form of vehicle to drive because we can all take a walk outside, but we can't all drive a Ferrari off a cliff and into an orphanage...and that's what games are all about. This week we're taking a look at some of the most badass rides in the history of video games. Keep in mind, this isn't an episode of Dream Car Garage...these are the vehicles of the gaming naturally they're much cooler but will still never score you any points with the ladies.

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