Boobs Against Bullfighting

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elliot-wolf - July 16, 2017

I love women protesters. Women are passionate when they protest. So passionate about the cause that somehow it always leads to them taking their shirt off during protests. Don't be a jerk. Support women. Women have been winning arguments for the longest. It's hard for men when women play dirty. Take off the top and you have my attention. When you realize you have two trump cards in the form of tits, you realize you can get things done. Or at the very least, get some attention drawn to your cause. The cause that caused a group of women to disown their shirts? Bullfighting in Spain.

Yes, PETA had involvement in this, but their shirts came off. So that means things are pretty serious. Will Spain listen and value women over tradition? No. There were a few men sprinkled in amongst the topless protest. Wouldn't you be too? Green light to be almost naked in public next to dozens of almost naked chicks? Where do I sign up? Who knows, that passionate protest may spill over into a flash orgy. You're half naked and halfway there, male bullfighter protester. Keep strong. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images