Boob Tube Roundup: The Week’s Sexiest TV Scenes 2.18.19

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Mitch Jablonski - February 18, 2019

Over at MrSkin.com, they don't just focus on the week's best nude scenes. They also round up all of the sexy non-nude content from the week and we're bringing it to you in our Boob Tube Roundup! Here's what you'll find in the gallery below...

How to Get Away with MurderAmirah Vann and Melinda Page Hamilton are sitting in a squad car talking cop stuff. After a pregnant pause in conversation, Amirah reaches over and caresses Melinda’s hand, and the two begin making out.

Broad CityAbbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer spend the night inside of an Anthropology store. When they wake up the next morning they start getting ready for the day and Ilana takes it ‘too far’ by getting nude and taking a shower inside of the store. Being on Comedy Central, of course, the nudity is pixellated out.

S.W.A.TMichelle Farias is hooking up with her man until a SWAT team bursts in and stops all the fun.

The MagiciansSummer Bishil bends over and shows the guy on the couch some cleavage and her bra peeking down her shirt.

American Soul: This new show from BET chronicles the rise of Don Cornelius and his creation of Soul Train in the 1970s. On this week's episode, Brittany Renner stripped off her fur coat, revealing some sexy white lingerie for Don trying to seduce him for a spot in the show.

The RookieAlyssa Diaz is getting dressed in the morning, showing off in a sexy black bra.

ShamelessEmmy Rossum wakes up drunk and is wearing a gray tank top and no bra showing off some great pokies.

SMILFFrankie Shaw is trying on clothes and checking out her body in the mirror.