Boob Jam: Breasts And Video Games

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bill-swift - August 9, 2013

Boob Jam sounds like it would be some kind of classic rock concert to celebrate tig 'ol bitties, but it's not. No, Boob Jam is an event for video game developers in which they discuss the portrayal of boobies in video games. We've all played video games in which the female characters have gigantic breasts that never move. No matter how many platforms Lara Craft jumps on, her funbags never move. So, these, (mostly), lady programmers work on making boobs jiggle like they do in real life and generally de-sexualize them. The event was started by Jen Frank who once pondered,

"What if there was a computer game that involved a sexy character shopping for a bra but ended with her crying softly because she could not find one that fitted."

What if indeed. I personally have no problem with a more realistic portrayal of breasts in video games, but I wonder what the point of making games where women go get mammograms, (yes, really), is. I mean, who would play that? The women gamers I know wouldn't and the guys sure as hell aren't going to play it either. Plus, if your whole point is that boobs aren't that big of a deal then why are you going to design a game that is so boob centric? Lara Craft, (who is more realistically proportioned now), may have huge breasts but that's not the only thing that's important about her. Who is really obsessed with funbags, Ms. Frank?

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