‘Bonding’ Star Zoe Levin Unbuttons Her Shirt for a Sexy Photoshoot

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Mitch Jablonski - April 30, 2019

The new Netflix series Bonding seems like the kind of show you tell yourself you just don't have time for, but allow me to counter that with two important things. First, none of the episodes runs longer than 20 minutes, meaning you can watch the entire series in a shade over two hours. Second, the show stars the gorgeous Zoe Levin, who shows off her many sexy sides in this new photoshoot.

The 25 year old beauty has made a big impression in such films as The Way Way Back, Palo Alto, and on the TV series Arrested Development, but Bonding is her big breakout and she made the most of the moment. If you need any more convincing to watch this show, allow me to entice you by informing you that she plays a dominatrix on the show and spends a good deal of time in sexy leather get-ups.

So enjoy this gallery of sexy pics with Zoe Levin showing off with her shirt unbuttoned and then head over to Netflix to continue your newfound Zoe Levin obsession. She really is the chick to be obsessed with of the moment, so you might as well stop fighting the temptation.

Photos courtesy of MEGA