Bob Saget Hosts New Funny Video Show For Adult Audience

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elliot-wolf - November 2, 2018

I have never thought of myself as an “edgy adult” but I do love to watch video clips in a TV show type format. Just kidding. I am an edgy adult, ask me about my opinions on abortion. Also I hated mostly every America’s Funniest Home Videos copycat show that aired. Tosh.0 was watchable, but Ridiculousness was so bad it made you want to kick small children and animals. But since we’re living in a retro, remake and reissue world, that means it’s time for the hipsters to buy vinyl again, and welcome in a return of AFV. Break out your bubble back TV because it’s time to party and not make memes out of embarrassing moments like it’s 1999.

ABC has ordered two more seasons of American Funniest Home Videos, its longest-running primetime entertainment show, and ordered Videos After Dark, a new comedy reality series from the AFV producers, with original AFV host Bob Saget set as host and executive producer.

Videos After Dark will feature home videos with an edgier twist. Led by Saget, who hosted AFV for its first eight seasons, Videos After Dark will feature videos from Di Bona’s vast video vault that are more appropriate for an older audience. ‘Incredible real-life mishaps, uproarious blunders and extremely bad decisions are celebrated and highlighted with Saget’s comedic commentary,’ according to the network.

If this new version of AFV survives it’s only because of the curation element it provides in an internet era. Sometimes you don't know what to watch when you can virtually watch anything that your heart desires. I have no idea how many times I’ve started an online session watching funny cat videos on Youtube and three hours later ended up on some site that promises they have the best beheading videos available for free stream. At the very least, watching the new version of AFV won’t lead you down a rabbit hole that has pit stops at lemon party, 2 girls 1 cup, and BME pain olympics along the way.

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