‘Blubber Busters’ is the Space Whale Heal ‘Em Up Gaming Has Been Waiting For

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chris-littlechild - September 27, 2016

  Remember when that reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare landed? How it received more YouTube dislikes than freaking Bieber’s Baby video? I’ll keep referring to that fact forever, because I think it’s damn hilarious, but it highlights a real problem in the industry too: Everyone’s playing it way too safe.

How many futuristic FPSs have we got doing the rounds now? Way too damn many, that’s how many. How many pretty-well-identical Super Mario titles have Nintendo released? Way too damn many. How many sports games are just about the exact same as last year’s? You guessed it, Ego-friends… not enough. Wait, no, the other thing.

What I’m getting at here is that a little innovation never goes amiss. A dash of outside-the-box thinking, with a side of the complete balls-out batshit crazy. That kind of thing, natch, is best left to smaller dev teams, Kickstarter projects with less to lose. On that note, meet Blubber Busters.

I was pretty well sold on this one from the get go. ‘A combat platformer about venturing inside space whales to cure their illnesses,’ you say? ‘You lead a crew of intergalactic infection fighters, and you can swap between and upgrade them’? Don’t mind if I do. After all, anyone who tells you they’ve never wanted to be an intergalactic infection fighter who cruises inside space whales’ colons is a filthy-ass liar.

Check out the trailer below, for a minute and a half of your life you’ll never want back.



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