Blonde Kylie Jenner Looking Ravishing In Tight Little Red Dress

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elliot-wolf - August 22, 2018

I think I’ve caught Kylie Jenner fever. I have no doubt that a woman like her is contagious. I’m obsessed and I can’t look away. But I’m not complaining at all. Because catching a case of the Kylie’s is something I wouldn’t want the doctor to fix. Laying in bed looking at her all day sounds more look a darn good time than a disease. I hope what I have is incurable. I appreciate when a woman does something different with her hair. It means that she’s adventurous and open to trying new things. It starts with a change of hair color, then the next thing you know, she’s exploring the ins and outs of the less Hollywood sides of life. Which is great news for someone like me because that means I can run into her one day.

I’ve even prepared a scripted conversation for when I eventually meet her. I have a feeling that I may accidentally stare at her for longer than what’s considered to be polite, so bringing a paper with all of the topics I want to talk about will help me out. I’ve written down things to ask her like why is she so pretty, where has she been all of my life, and would you prefer for me to make an honest woman out of you in the spring or summer time?

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Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram