Blonde Hotties Maude Hirst And Elle Fanning Short Skirts and Warm Weather Legs in LA

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bill-swift - April 6, 2016

The weather has turned here in Los Angeles. We experienced something close to under 70-degrees for a moment that frightened everybody into building carbon neutral bunkers out of recycled plastic bottle pellets. But the sun is back and with temperatures soaring, the loveliest of ladies are out again on the town showing off their bodies and those long early summer legs. Not the least of which we spotted were two blonde thespianics, Elle Fanning of lean barely legal fame, and Maude Hirst, currently seen as Helga on Vikings, a show I dig because it shows my roots in a bright new light. Those would be the roots of being throttled and conquered by Vikings.

Elle made her way on her daily jaunts to gym and dancing and lunches as is her want in short skirt showing off her young toned gams. While Maude added in a little bit of the cleavy bra top thing with her leg-baring skirt to remind every stem man in the world that warmer weather is coming all over the Northern Hemisphere and our leering season is not long from hitting full stride. Only a leg man can truly understand the revelations of summertime shorts and skirts on the sextastic ladies. Elle and Maude are more than a good omen. They are harbingers of the happy times that await. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: FameFlynet