Blonde Cleavy Showdown Charlotte McKInney Vs Paris Hilton

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bill-swift - April 27, 2016

You wouldn't necessarily think that Billionaire Barbie and her modest sized boobtastic could possibly compete in a battle with the cleavage of mighty mammarial Charlotte McKinney, but think again. Or at least give it a shot as it's the highest form of entertainment I could imagine. Today at least. Midweeks are hard.

Both blonde alluring ladies, one up and coming, one rather established, used their shopping time to show off some of their sweet chesty goodness. Paris has never opted for the enlargements so many of her friends selected. It's paid off for her through the years with her sleek braless look showing off her petite sized sweethearts. While Charlotte worked the opposite angle, restraining her twin XXL funbags for a more stately appearance. Though if I ran the state a stately appearance would immediately be defined as topless for the sextastic ladies. My agenda on day one. Elect Bill for President. I know what really makes the average joe happy. Job well done, blonde gals. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews