Blind Item: “Suicided” Actor Killed By Other Actors Who Raped Foreign Teens

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Sam Robeson - June 23, 2018


Summing up a Blind Item in a headline might not be my calling. Anyway, today's Blind Item whisks us away to a foreign filming location where actors were having sex with sometimes unwilling underage girls. They could have just stayed in Hollywood for that, but, wanderlust strikes everyone. Even rapists. For some reason I really wanted Tropic Thunder to work, and after spending quite a bit of company time Googling the flick's actors, I can say that it does not. Most people are saying Jonathan Brandis from Hart's War, but others are trying to rope David Carradine into this. I'll be here all night. Check out the Blind Item and head to the comments to take a stab.



There have been a lot of suspicious suicides of celebrities as of late, but there was a first that started this whole thing over a decade ago. A film was being made overseas and several of the actors in this movie that was supposed to be a big box office hit took advantage of their position as stars with the local female population and also threw around enough cash to the local police where nothing was said or done about their activities. One of the worst offenders was an A list mostly movie actor at the time. Foreign-born and was really kicking it into gear. There was another A+ lister on the movie and a future A- list mostly television actor. They went after every female teen in the town where they were filming. They didn't care how old, and whether it was completely voluntary.

One actor who didn't participate was at the time probably B/B- list and fading. Because he didn't participate, everyone shunned him. They made sure he knew how things worked and basically ruined what was left of his career. Down the road, when he couldn't get a break, he threatened to expose what went on and he suddenly "suicided" himself. No note. 


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