Blanca Blanco’s Simple, Sexy Thong In Malibu

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aldo-vallon - February 6, 2018

 Does this woman live at the beach? She spends so much time at the beach that she is beginning to muddle up the definition of what a beach bum is. Every week there are more shots taken of her by the water. I wonder how she was convinced to leave it and go to that snowy tundra? They probably convinced her that snow was just a different kind of beach, which was why she brought her bikini.

I really hope that one of these days she brings a friend with her. She always seems to be alone, and although that can be a good thing, she has no one to talk shit about other people with. To me, that is roughly 80 percent of the reason why I go to the beach. I like to make jokes about peoples' tattoos that look like they were done in the basement of a friends house. I like to watch as an unsuspecting beach goer steps on dog poop. Even if she brought her own dog along she could make the comments to it. The only setback is that it can't say anything back.



Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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