Blanca Blanco’s Beautiful Curves In A White Bikini

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earl-jonas - December 13, 2017

Oh, you didn't want forty-five posts about naughty nobody Blanca Blanco in one week? Well too bad, because we're apparently determined to put this woman on the map after seeing her juicylicious curves in all kinds of revealing bathing suits. The acting sensation has been hitting the beach hard, and just so happens to keep running into the paps every ten seconds. What a coincidence. How did that happen. We're glad that an actress is accosting the paparazzi for once, because it balances out the power dynamic, and because it leads to all of these truly desktop background-worthy pics.

The thirty-six-year-old Blanco looks MILF-errific, but isn't famous enough to have the details of her family life pop up on Google, and I'm not about to do research requiring more than ten seconds. So we'll just say that Blanco's a mother of two and looking for love in all the right places on the beach in front of photographers. After seeing all sides of this hottie's body, which do you like better, her Blanca or her Blanco?    


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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