Blanca Blanco Yellow Bikini Hot Body in Malibu

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bill-swift - August 21, 2017

B-movie stars simply don't get enough lust. Those lovely thespianics who toil in the direct to video and lesser known feature titles as the hot girl, the femme fatale, the mistress, or the woman who owns a talking dog. They all matter. Well, the ones who look like Blanca Blanco in a bikini at least.

The actress was showing off in a yellow bikini on the shores of Malibu, making people wonder as to who the sextastic 30-something actress was and why she looks familiar. All alluring women in bikinis look familiar to me, because I've been imagining all of them since I was nine in various states of oiled skin and undress. I'm very archetypal in my nature.

Blanca showed off both body and soul, most especially boobtastic frontside and rear side equal goodness prancing along the Southern California coastline. It's not exactly like Miami where there are hundreds in competition. A sultry woman in a brightly colored bikini in Malibu will attract solo attention. And many beach blankets being used surreptitiously. Such is the power of the sweet gender. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid