Blanca Blanco Playing Frisbee in a Bikini

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aldo-vallon - June 26, 2018

In all my years upon this earth I have still yet to discover the purpose of a frisbee. How anyone can see it as anything but a lesser version of a boomerang simply perplexes me. Do frisbees come back to you after you throw them? No. Are they accurate? No. Can you hunt and kill animals with them? No. So how the hell are they so popular?

The only beneficial thing that the frisbee has ever done to people’s lives is give men an excuse meet women. And I don’t say that because of all the poon that is hanging out at ultimate frisbee games. I am talking about putting one of their bugs to use.

When you are at the beach or the park and you see a group of girls lying down tanning, you pretend one of your throws went rogue and landed in their space. Boom, instant ice breaker. And the beauty of the frisbee is that it won’t break a person’s nose, unlike a football. The next thing you know you will be chit chatting with them and tossing that practically useless piece of plastic whilst they fall helplessly in love with you.




Photo Credit: Backgrid