Blanca Blanco Loves Showing Off Her Beach Body, And We Love It Too

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aldo-vallon - December 11, 2017

 As much as I would love to talk about Blanca Blanco's hips or tummy, I am instead drawn to her forearms. Those things seem to defy everything I have previously known to be true about human anatomy. They are practically the same size from beginning to end. They are a modern marvel. I have nothing to use as a scale, but I bet I could make a circle with my thumb and index finger and keep it intact for the entirety of it. A word of advice for any readers that also have tiny forearms, I suggest devoting ten minutes out of your day towards wrist curls, otherwise find yourself a plastic surgeon. A couple of strategically placed pouches of silicone can really be a difference maker, just ask my ex. Had she not gotten her pouches she might not be my ex right now.

No man wants to be the one known for having puny forearms, so those ten minutes will not be wasted time. And believe me, I know wasted time. I have paid money to play a Playstation 2 in an internet cafe. That decision will haunt me until the day that I die.         

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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