Blanca Blanco Braless Pokies Out And About

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aldo-vallon - February 4, 2019

Every expression on Blanca’s face in these pics perfectly displays my reaction when I am at a restaurant and cannot tell if my food is about to be served to me or not. The disappoint that I experience when it goes to a different table that was seated after me is largely the reason why I am such a recluse.

Hollywood would have you think that being stood up on a date in high school is the most scarring experience of a young person’s life, but that could not be further from the truth. The screenwriters who came up with that crap have probably always ordered take out. I rarely think about the couple times in my life that I was stood up on a date, but I regularly have nightmares where I relive the shame of trying to wave down the wrong server to my table.

I cannot believe restaurants have been in existence for this long and yet we are still working with such an imperfect system. The worst part is that a simple number coding would resolve everything. The powers that be are sadists, though, so they refuse to implement it.




Photo Credit: Splash News