Blake Lively Is Back (Well, Her Hot Legs Are)

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bill-swift - October 31, 2013

We've really and truly missed former Gossip Girl super leggy hottie, Blake Lively. Ever since the photo scandal and the marriage, she's kind of taken her hot self off the radar of the sextastic, which has been kind of sad, especially for our lonely radar which doesn't ask for much, but really misses Blake as well.

The statuesque hottie was in Paris at some froufrou event that I'm sure I was not only not invited to, but probably put on the banned list. I'm glad I didn't purchase my one-hour Hyperloop ticket to Paris before I found out. Though I truly would have loved to see Blake's heavenly gams on display at the event. Some of the finest celebrity legs in the known universe and perhaps even in the unknown universe. I wouldn't know. I only know I want to slather them in honey and play Pooh Bear has a rumbly tummy with Blake. Call me, Blake. I've already got the honey. Enjoy.