Blake Lively Gets Paid to Have Nice Legs (and Earns Her Paycheck)

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bill-swift - May 9, 2013

We've really kind of missed Blake Lively as well. Not sure why the long legged statuesque hottie went on the down low in the past year or so. Perhaps the reveal of her intimate topless photos or maybe her complicated love life, or what her P.R. agent would likely call a 'hectic schedule'. But we've missed sextastic Blake, most definitely including those long never-ending legs of hers, on fine display during a photoshoot in The Big Apple.

And fine gams indeed. Just by my calculations, if I began literally inching my way up her legs at the ankles, I could be in heaven by lunch time. That might sound sexually suggestive, so I guess this post gets an R-rating. Enjoy.