Blake Lively Cleavetastic and Wicked Hot at Some Fancy Chanel Party in N.Y.

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bill-swift - October 11, 2012

Oh, man, we do so dig Blake Lively. We prefer the nekkid on her cellphone Blake Lively to most all else, and we could do without her new elebrity marriage to Ryan Reynolds, though that shouldn't last too long, but we simply can not get the image of her dancing around out of our head, I mean, her literally dancing on our head, a lap dance maybe to a 3/4 beat maybe.

At an uptown Chanel Party in N.Y. last night where rich and fancy people go to talk about how much they care about the little people, Blake looked all kinds of cleave flashing and body rocking and all around lust inducing in some open front dress that made us want to accidentally spill Clamato┬« on her frontside and then offer to dab, and not with a napkin. Because everything is better with a dash of clam! Enjoy.