Blake Lively And Any Sign of Her Cell Phone Camera Makes Me Tingly With Anticipation

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bill-swift - August 26, 2011

The sight of sextastic wonderment Blake Lively and her never-ending legs toting a cell phone (with camera, natch) around the set of Gossip Girl probably has me a more giddy with anticipation than is healthy for a mentally stable pretending adult male, but, dammit, I want more private shots of Blake's private spots. That birthmark treasure mapping of Blake Lively's delicious body back in June was downright delectable. Alas, perhaps the Green Lantern actress and latest DiCaprio beard has lost her penchant for self-publishing photos, so we'll have to peek at Blake the old-fashioned way, for now at least. But, keep hope alive, old habits are very hard to break. Enjoy.