Blake Griffin and The Clippers Keep Winning and Making Highlights

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michael-garcia - December 13, 2012

The L.A. basketball world remains upside down. The Lakers lost again, this time to Cleveland who 'improved' to 5-17. The Lakers are now 9-13. The Clippers though, won again, beating Chicago to get 15-6 and remain in first place in the Pacific Division. Along the way, the Clips are making it tough on whoever is tasked with making their year end highlight reel because every game it seems like they have more plays that should be on the list.

In this one, Blake Griffin makes a steal on the defensive end, starts the break, lobs it to Jamal Crawford who lobs it right back and Griffin goes right over the top of Marco Belinelli to finish it off. That's good team ball and the Clippers are looking pretty legit in the process.

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