Blac Chyna Curves in Miami

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aldo-vallon - September 8, 2017

 Blac Chyna's figure has developed past the coveted hour glass shape that so many women struggle to achieve and has now reached the next stage in female evolution. It still resembles the hour glass, but that somehow seems inaccurate. Maybe it could be called a day glass, or a week. I do not know if there has ever been a need for those in the past, but we sure have one now.

Maybe Blac Chyna anticipated the need our society would have for someone like her and prepared herself for that day. I imagine it being like a superhero training to avenge the death of her parents, but instead of taking martial arts and weapons training she hung out on strip pole making bank. Not exactly the kind of origin they would give you in Marvel, but pleasing nonetheless. A stripper superhero might not be such a bad idea. She could use a bo staff to simultaneously beat up purse snatchers and dance on. It would be difficult to keep up an alter ego since she would always be taking off her disguise.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News