Bizarrely Funny: North Korea Press Release Generator

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bill-swift - December 17, 2013

So Korea's great leader just had his uncle executed because he was a traitor. That's what this lengthy press release released by NKor was all about in a nutshell. That is, if you took out all the fluff and regurgitated sentences which were basically saying the same thing. It's slightly amusing because of all the propaganda they crammed into one statement.

Notably, it's also starting a new trend where you take one sentence and spin it into a dozen sentences, because yeah, that's the best way to tell the public what you just did without really telling them what you did.

If you're bored and want to denounce someone (like, say, someone named Pancho) because you have nothing better to do, then head on over here and give Boing Boing's North Korea press release generator a whirl. It's a riot.

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