Bite Me: Shark Laser Pointer is Just Awesome

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bill-swift - August 1, 2013

Laser pointers are boring. Shark laser pointers are not.

Celebrate the suckfest that was Sharknado by whipping out one of these bad-ass shark laser pointers the next time you need to present something in class or the next time you want to troll your neighbor's cat with another round of chase-the-dot. Okay, so it totally looks fake in the image above (reminds you of Sharknado, doesn't it?) but I swear, this is a real product that you can actually buy.

It's not as scary as an actual shark, since this one obviously won't bite your arm off. In fact, you can bite its fin off if you'd like, but then you'd be known as the weirdo who bit the fin off a plastic shark laser pointer.

Get It: $14.99

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