Birthday Girl: 26 Reasons To Lust Emily Ratajkowski

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earl-jonas - June 8, 2017

Mega hyper uber supermodel of the world Emily Ratajkowski always manages to leave us breathless with her ridiculous rack and flawless fanny. What better way is there to celebrate Ratajkowski's 26th birthday than with 26 prime examples of her out of control sex appeal? whether Emily's delivering a flirty smirk or sultry stare, sashaying around the beach topless or working the red carpet like no other, clothed or unclothed (but ya know, preferably unclothed), Emily truly is the model to beat... off to. 

Head to the gallery to take a trip down memory lane with some of Emily's steamiest pics. You could say that Ratajkowski will make you... rub-one-outski. Or maybe let's not. 


Photo Credit: Instagram