Birthday Girl: 21 Times Jasmine Sanders Was Actually Rita Ora

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earl-jonas - June 23, 2017

Celebrities are always doing kooky stunts for media attention, but has Rita Ora gone too far? Our breaking news department, AKA me making crap up, has discovered that Ora has been leading a double life as the stunning Instagram model Jasmine Sanders. The truly gorgeous Sanders, who understandably refers to herself as "Golden Barbie," may be a chart-topping British songstress in her other life, but as a model, she gets to beach hop around the globe wearing sexy outfits that show off her tight bod. 

Sanders turns twenty-six today - the same age as, you guessed it, Rita Ora. While I continue to put together the pieces of this puzzle A Beautiful Mind-style here, you can head to the gallery to see Ora in all of her skinful glory. I mean Sanders. (I mean Ora.)


Photo Credit: Instagram