Bioshock Infinite Gets the Newsreel Treatment on Columbia’s Backstory (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 29, 2013

Bonus cool points to Irrational Games for the psychedelic sounds and visuals at the top of this newsreel video clip. Talk to anybody old enough to remember the intensity of experimentation in the 1960s and they'll tell you that this is what the world looked and sounded like when you were on drugs back then. Don't know what that says for the quality of the products they were using, but depending on how you like your highs, modulated and "rainbowy" was the first and only option for an entire generation. And that's the generation that created the iPhone. Keep that in mind.

Moving on though, the meat of this video offers the backstory to who and what will make Bioshock Infinite such an engaging story. And, make no mistake, this will be as an engaging a story as any of the Bioshock games before it. That's what rich characters and detailed settings give you. Have a look and keep in mind that you'll likely be destroying a lot of things and places in Columbia when you fire up Bioshock Infinite in a few weeks.