Billionaire Barbie Gets Into Garters and Stockings for DDS

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bill-swift - February 2, 2012

There aren't many girls who are going to get all midnight sexy for a trip to the dentist, but Billionaire Barbie doesn't play casual, at least not when she's not in the big house. So the Hilton heiress brought out the stockings and garters for a trip to the dentist in Beverly Hills where her tooth surgeon fixed her award winning no-wrinkles, distant-gazed half-smirk. Now you can see how mildy amused she is with the dollhouse world around her with even whiter teeth. Enjoy.

P.S. Where is the red Ferrari? We're looking into it as we speak,but, suffice it to say, get your Hallmark sympathy cards ready for that beautiful automobile. It never stood a chance.