Billionaire Barbie Channels Marilyn Monroe to Pimp Her Stink

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bill-swift - August 12, 2010

With extreme confidence in my uber-masculinity, I can admit that I've always been a Marilyn Monroe fan. When I learned that Billionaire Barbie was playing dress up as Norma Jeane, my candle nearly blew out in the wind. But, once again, I've got to give it up to Paris Hilton and the world's most powerful push-up bra, for giving Billionaire Barbie the deep cleavage to pull off the imitation. Given that Paris Hilton is perpetrating this complex cosplay merely to pimp yet another perfume product, I have to ask: why would anyone want to smell like Paris Hilton?

(Note: From Paris' facial expression when kissed by Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon in the last picture of the set, you can clearly see that not even Billionaire Barbie wants to be kissed by a pair of lips that have been around Hugh Hefner's publishing tool.)

Photo credit: / Splash News