Bill Murray Announces Surprise U.S. Tour

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brian-mcgee - April 21, 2017

It seems there's virtually nothing Bill Murray can do to surprise us anymore but, to paraphrase a great philosopher, Bill Murray is zen, man. Bill Murray has trampled our expectations once again by announcing that he'll be going on tour later this year with a multimedia concert experience unlike any other. 

The 66 year old SNL alum cooked up this latest project—titled “New Worlds”—when he met famed classical musician Jan Vogler on an airplane. The concert will include Vogler playing chamber music while Murray reads poetry and other assorted writings and musings. If it sounds like some sort of artsy fartsy college coffee house nonsense, allow him to transcend your fears. Murray sings songs from "West Side Story," as well as classic Gershwin standards, and even some Van "the Man" Morrison. It's basically going to be an evening hanging out while Bill Murray tells you about his favorite pop culture. 

If you don't live in or near one of the cities hosting the tour, don't fret as they will be releasing a recording of the show in August. I imagine in this day and age it will be available digitally, but for us old fogies, it will be available on both vinyl and cd. God bless Bill Murray, he's truly doing the lord's work.