Bikini Model Sophie Mudd Shows Off Her Assets In Malibu

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earl-jonas - January 15, 2018

Super Instagram model Sophie Mudd is basically like Alexis Ren but with possibly even bigger breasties, and thanks to these stunning bikini pics taken in Malibu, we can check out almost every inch of her truly ridiculicious body. Mudd has about -100% body fat, yet still somehow has more than enough junk in her trunk. And her hood for that matter. If we're talking about cars. If not then, whatever. She has huge boobs.   

What's really amazing is that Mudd is only nineteen-years-old yet is still able to give her poor bikini tops the Christina Hendricks treatment. It's almost like she had something done to them to enhance them past their natural size. But that would be completely crazy. This is really going to be a woman to watch over the next few years, and the folks at FHM already crowned her as the next Emily Ratajkowski. And that's not something anyone should take lightly. Do you want to sling your Mudd on Sophie? Answer this gross question in the comments.   


 Photo Credit: Splash News

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