Bikini Model Holly Graves Killing It Poolside

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bill-swift - May 9, 2017

It's the simple things in life that make it worth living. If by simple, you means the simply sextastic treats of hot young models like Holly Graves baring their wares in various revealing swimsuits by the pool. Also, beer-on-sale. Those are the two simple things that come to my mind at the moment. In that order.

Holly takes us around the world of naughty prurient feelings while never leaving the backyard for this Jen Senn photoshoot of the passion inducing variety. Holly reminds us that summer is nearly upon us, which means the rest of the world will soon be catching up to Los Angeles and Miami in terms of half naked hot young women barely dressed and around town, or certainly at backyard soirees. I'm definitely going to throw one myself. As soon as I get a backyard. And figure out what soiree means. Holly, you're on the short list. Me, you, and some Two Buck Chuck. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jen Senn